How to unlock an iPod

How to unlock an iPod can happen in several ways. This generation of Apple iPod’s are capable of being locked so that you can protect your personal information from theft and prying eyes. There is more than one way to unlock the iPod. If you know the four digit code to unlock the screen, enter it, and the screen will unlock. You must enter the exact combination. If you do not enter the correct combination, the code will flash red. You can also plug the iPod into the computer that is considered the primary computer for the iPod. This is the computer that you used to synchronize the iPod.  Go to iTunes and sync. As you remove the iPod it will unlock automatically. Use the normal procedures to remove the iPod.

If you are unable to connect to the primary computer you can restore the iPod to the settings from the factory. However, keep in mind that all the data you have added to the iPod will also be erased. Again, you will need to plug the iPod into your primary computer. Open iTunes and find the button for ‘restore’. Click on that button to begin the process. If you have a back up of your data, then reinstall it before you remove the iPod using the normal procedure.

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