How to Unlock an iPod Touch Without Knowing the Password

It is possible to learn How to Unlock an iPod Touch Without Knowing the Password.  You may have forgotten the code; you may have purchased the device and it was not unlocked; or you may just want to unlock it so that you can sell it to someone to use on their network which is different from yours. For whatever the reason, just follow the steps below to get the iPod touch unlocked. You will be automatically locked out of the iPod if you try the code too many times and fail to unlock the device. You will be referred to iTunes which will require a password before you can unlock the device.

The fastest, easiest way is to reset the device to the factory settings. However, you may not want to lose the data you have entered. Turn off the device and turn on your primary computer. You must be able to access iTunes in order to continue. You must connect the USB to the primary computer. Make sure your device is off before proceeding to connect it to the USB adapter. Wait for the prompt from iTunes which will say ‘iTunes has detected an iPod Touch in recovery mode. You must restore this iPod before it can be used with iTunes.’ Click on ‘ok’ to continue. The device should automatically turn on when the process is complete. If not, repeat the process. When you see ‘restore’, click and click yes to continue with the restore process.

Click on ‘next’ and ‘I agree’ to the licensing agreement. You should be able to identify the software is downloading. A successful installation will tell you that the device will reboot. iTunes will now recognize the device and tell you that it has been successfully restored.

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