How to Unlock an iPad

The iPad is capable of storing large amounts of personal data. For this reason Apple built in some security measure such as the passcode to help offer some protection. The trouble comes when a user forgets the passcode and needs to know how to unlock an iPad. Thankfully, there are some ways to unlock the iPad so that you have access quickly.

First you will need to connect the iPad to the computer that has all of the software backed up and that has iTunes installed. Use the cable that came with the iPad to tether it to the computer system. iTunes will open automatically and you should see the icon for the iPad under the devices tab on the left hand menu in iTunes.  Click on the icon for your iPad and then go to the device’s summary. From there you can click the option to restore. Be patient as it will take the iPad a little bit of time to complete the process of recovery. Once it has completed, properly disconnect the iPad from the computer. The passcode has been disabled and the iPad is unlocked. You will want to set up the security measures by creating a new passcode. But make sure that you write it down in a place where you can find it easily; or make one that is easy to remember.

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