How to Turn Off an iPod

iPods are a handy MP3 player that are just the right size to be very convenient to carry or wear along wherever you go. It’s easy to turn on the iPod because you simply touch a button and it will come on. However, turning it off is not as easy. It will eventually turn off automatically, but this can waste the battery or run it down a lot unnecessarily. You can try looking through all the menus and not be able to find any solution to how to turn off an iPod. But in reality it is a very simple process, not quite as easy as turning it on; but very close to it.

There is a “hold” button on the top of the iPod that needs to be slid to where you can see the orange bar. This locks the device. If you cannot see the orange bar then the iPod is unlocked. Make sure that it is unlocked before trying to power off.

On the bottom of the control wheel is a play or pause button. Hold the play button down for a few seconds and the iPod should power off. If you do not hold it long enough or if you touch the wheel again the iPod will come back on. To keep the iPod from coming on when you do not intend for it to slide the hold bar so that you see the orange bar.

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