How to transfer photos from iPod to computer

Using iTunes makes it easy to learn how to %LINK1% from iPod to computer. You cannot backward sync in general, but with the newest iPod Touch you can capture photos using its camera and then when you sync it you can move the photos from the iPod to the computer. But you will have to use Windows apps for this procedure.

First you will need to connect the computer and the iPod using a USB dock cable. As soon as they are connected, the computer should automatically launch the AutoPlay window. Choose the option to “import pictures and videos using windows” when the options are displayed in the AutoPlay window.

Be sure to enter tags for each of the photos when the option is given. Click on the “import” button to upload the photos from the iPod Touch to your computer. Windows makes it very easy to upload all the pictures that have been taken with the iPod into the computer library so that you can enjoy viewing them conveniently. To make viewing them easier you may wish to organize them into categorized folders on the computer. When you have completed the upload, eject the iPod and then unplug it from the computer.

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