How to Transfer Music from iPod to iTunes on Mac

It is impossible to share the music on your iPod with a computer unless you purchased the songs from the iTunes Store. If you made the initial purchase from the iTunes store you will be able to learn how to transfer music from iPod to iTunes on Mac with no problem at all. It only takes a few minutes to make a transfer of your purchased music from the iPod to the Mac computer.

The first step is to open iTunes on the computer and find the “store” tab in the main menu. To authorize the computer you just need to click on the “authorize computer” in the store. Then you will be asked to enter your Apple Id and password to confirm that you are the user. Now connect the iPod and the Mac by using the USB cable. The icon for your iPod along with its name should be displayed in the menu; right-click on the icon. Then choose the option “transfer purchases from (the name of your iPod).” It will begin to sync the two devices and your purchased music will be copied to the iTunes library on your Mac computer. Do not detach the iPod until the music has successfully been transferred.

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