How to Transfer Music from iPod to iTunes Free

An iPod is a media playing device from Apple Inc that may be used to play and share music and videos as well as to view and share images. iTunes is an application made under the Apple Inc trademark that enables the user to purchase and download music as well as share and manage music files available to the media playing device that contains that application. Tips on how to transfer music from iPod to iTunes free are readily available from various sources online.

One of the major ways on how to transfer music from iPod to iTunes free involves accessing the iTunes application within a device like the computer and connecting it to the iPod via a USB cable. Under the Device option, the user’s preference is selected and the automatic synchronization option is disabled. This enables the user to manually access iPod contents and transfer them to the iTunes library in a way that they prefer. Alternatively one can enable the synchronization of the iPod to the other devices containing the iTunes to allow for sharing of music files across these devices. This also allows for simultaneous updating of files and folders from one source. A username and password may be required to ensure security when accessing files and implementing any changes

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