How to Transfer Data from One iPhone to Another

There is a way for users who need to know how to transfer data from one iPhone to another to do so. This is especially useful when you have purchased a newer model iPhone and do not wish to lose all of your stored data. In premise, all you have to do is back up the older iPhone’s data onto the computer you use to sync it with. Then transfer this data to the newer iPhone by syncing and transferring the data onto the new device.

Connect the older iPhone which contains all the data to the computer with the USB cable. When iTunes opens right click on the icon for your iPhone and choose the “back up” option. After it has completed you can click on “eject” then remove the iPhone from the docking cable. The docking cable can then be inserted into the newer iPhone. The click on the “iPhone” tab that is located in the source pan on iTunes.

Now right click on the iPhone tab and then select the option to “restore from back up.” Choose the backup date and then click on “continue.” After the process has completed you may click on “eject” and remove the iPhone.

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