How to Transfer Contacts from One iPhone to Another One

When you purchase a newer version of an iPhone it is very handy to know how to transfer contacts from one iPhone to another one. This way, you are assured that you will not lose any contact information in the process. If you use iCloud just add the new iPhone to your devices and the contacts will automatically be synchronized with the new iPhone. But there is another way to transfer contacts.

First connect your old iPhone to the computer and sync the contacts stored on the device with the iTunes library. Be sure to select the option next to “all contacts” to ensure that all of the information is transferred to the computer. Then sync the iPhone with the computer. Now remove the iPhone and plug the new iPhone in to the USB port.

In Windows click on “info” and then check the box to “sync contacts with” and double check to make sure that you have selected to sync all contacts. The scroll down through your options and find “replace information on this iPhone.” Be sure to check the box to include “contacts.” This will allow the iPhone to include your contacts that have been stored on the computer into the iPhone. Now click the “sync” button and your contacts should be on the new phone when it is complete.

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