How to Tell the Difference Between iPhone 3g and 3gs

Apple is constantly upgrading and updating their iPhones. This is important so that they can keep up with growing market demands. But for some it is hard to know how to tell the difference between iPhone 3g and 3gs.They are indeed very similar, but they are two different models with some distinct differences in the devices.

One of the main differences is the amount of memory capacity each iPhone has. The 3g has 8 GB of memory which is equivalent to about 900 songs as well as lots of apps. But it’s only enough memory to handle a few movies. The iPhone 3GS has 16 or 32 GB of memory depending on the one you purchase. Obviously the more memory that is available the more movies, songs, pictures and other data it can hold.

The cameras are different too. The camera on the iPhone 3G is only 2 megapixels whereas the IPhone 3GS’s camera is 3 megapixels. And there is a marked difference in the speed of the processors as well. The iPhone 3G uses a 412 MHz processor while the iPhone 3GS operates on a 600 MHz processor.

These differences are also reflected in their prices as the 3G will be about a hundred dollars less than the 3GS.

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