How to Sync Your iPod

An iPod can be a great way of listening to your favorite music. Depending on the model it can have the storage capacity to hold thousands of songs and many hours of videos. Since the computer can hold a lot more it can offer a way to store all of your multi-media files. Then once you know how to sync your iPod with the computer you can choose which of these files you want to carry with you and which ones you want to store on the computer.

To sync the iPod with your computer first you will need to plug the iPod into the USB cable and the other end into the port on the computer. Usually, iTunes will open automatically. You should see the icon for your iPod listed under the devices tab in the iTunes menu. Click on the icon and the summary page should be displayed. From here you can go under the music tab to select the songs and playlists you want on the iPod. And under the videos you can select the videos that you want on the iPod. It is the same with photos, audio books, and podcasts.

After you make your selections you can hit “apply” and then “sync.” The iPod will then sync which can take a couple of minutes. When you get the message that it has completed this task simply unplug it from the computer and enjoy your files on the go.

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