How to sync outlook with google calendar

Outlook is a very handy tool used by many people to help organize their daily lives. It can be difficult to try to keep up outlook and a google calendar which is evolving into a very detailed and useful organizational tool. It would be great to know how to sync outlook with google calendar. Google does not allow this action from that end, but it is possible to import Outlook calendars into the Google framework.

To start you will need to export your Outlook calendar. While in Outlook select “file” and then you will see the option to import or export, select that option and from there choose “export a file.” Select “comma separated values” and then click “next.” Highlight the calendar that you want to export and then hit “next.” Name the file and save its location and hit next again. Make sure that you check the option to export appointments from folder: calendar. Then click “finish.” When you are prompted to set the date range you will want to select about a year. If you want to select multiple years you will need to repeat these steps and name each file differently.

Go to Google to check the calendar. In Google you will need to import your calendar. Select “add” in the Google Calendar and then select to “import calendar.” Select the file you created by clicking on browse and choosing the right calendar. The click on “import” and the calendar will be imported into Google. Make sure that you enter a new item in Google and Outlook that you make entries in both locations.

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