How to sync iPod without losing music

There are times when songs get lost during a sync. If you make changes to the library in iTunes then sync with the iPod those changes automatically take effect. This means you could no longer have all the music you are accustomed to on the iPod. There is a way for you to know how to sync ipod without losing music.  You will just need to select the option of updating your music manually. This setting will let you choose which songs you want added to the iPod and it will not automatically delete songs from the iPod.

Connect the iPod to the computer with the USB cord. If iTunes does not open automatically go ahead and launch it. Wait until iTunes recognizes your iPod under devices and then click on its icon. The summary tab will open. Click the option which says, “manually mange music and videos” in the summary window. Click the “apply” button in the bottom part of the iTunes menu. Now you can be in charge of each time the two devices sync. The iPod will not be automatically synced with whole iTunes library which means you will not lose any more songs. You will need to go through and manually select the songs you want placed on the iPod.

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