how to sync iPhone with Outlook

It can be difficult to try and keep all of your appointments and important dates on the desktop. Using Outlook is a great way to organize your life, but face it, you cannot sit at the computer all day long. Wouldn’t it be nice if you knew how to sync iPhone with Outlook? Then you could assess all your appointments and dates no matter where you were located. You would not have to miss another important meeting! You can now sync the iPhone with Outlook so that you can have these memos with you no matter where you go.

First, using the USB cord, plug the iPhone into the computer. iTunes should open immediately, but if it does not, just go ahead and open the program. You should be able to locate the icon for you iPhone under the “devices” tab in the itunes menu. Click on it and then in the new screen choose the “info” tab. This will open up other options where you can select “sync outlook calendars.” After you select it, click the “apply” button which is located in the lower right portion of the iTunes menu. Once the two devices have synced then click “eject” to safely remove your iPod.

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