How to sync iPhone with iTunes

For those who wish to learn how to sync iPhone with iTunes it is very easily accomplished. The first thing you need to do is to connect the iPhone to the computer using the USB cable that came with the iPhone when it was purchased. It will work with either type of computer system, either a Mac or Windows. This connection is what will be used to use iTunes.

Once the iPhone is connected with the computer you will need to open iTunes. After the setup is complete when you plug the iPhone in, iTunes will automatically open. Once the computer recognizes the iPhone and has all the drivers downloaded, an icon for it will appear under the “devices” tab on the iTunes menu. Click on the icon for your iPhone and a new page in iTunes will open. This is the “Summary” page. You will manage the items you want to sync with the iPhone from this page.

Under the music tab on the summary page you can select if you want the entire music library downloaded to the iPhone, or customize your own list from the music available. The same is true for photos, podcasts and videos. After you have made all your selections, hit the “apply” button. Then hit “sync.” iTunes will inform you when the sync is completed.

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