How to Sync Iphone with iPad

Sharing of music and other files is a major activity of users of Apple products. It is therefore necessary to learn various methods on how to sync iphone with iPad. There are various applications used to synchronize iphone with iPad. One of these applications is Sugar sync. This application enables instant sharing of music, photos as well as files or folders. It also allows the sharing of work-related spreadsheets and documents. Another application is the Google Sync application that allows for synchronization of Gmail, Calendar, and Contacts between the iPad and the iphone.

Music files are some of the most shared types of media files. This can be done by copying music files to iTunes from an iPhone and then synchronizing the iPad with iTunes or vice versa. It is imperative that one learns how to sync iPhone with iPad. Backup software may be used when transferring personal settings to hold all the data from the devices during the synchronization process. The process after connecting an iPhone is as follows: Select iTunes (from the computer)> Devices>Info/Apps, then choose the appropriate synchronization settings. Select the Sync option to complete the process. The iPad may then be connected to the computer and the process repeated to complete the synchronization process.

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