How to sync iPhone with computer

It is a relatively easy process to find out how to sync iPhone with computer. To begin you will need to connect the iPhone to the computer using the provided USB cable. This works with both PCs and Macs to give access to the computer and iTunes which will be used to sync the two.

After connecting the iPhone to the computer open iTunes. You should see the icon for your iPhone under the devices tab in the left hand menu. When you click on the icon for your iPhone it will open the device’s Summary page. This is where you will manage all the applicable settings for the iPhone. You can select the option for the phone to automatically sync with iTunes when it is plugged in; and you can select the types of files you want the two to sync. Select the music you want to transfer as well as photo albums.

After you have set the Summary page up the way you want it, click on the sync button. Leave the iPhone connected to the computer until syncing is done. iTunes will state that it has completed the sync and then you can disconnect the iPhone from the computer.

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