How to sync iPhone wirelessly

Usually the iPhone is synced by connecting it to the PC with a USB cable. However if you know how to sync iPhone wirelessly you can also use this option.  In order to be able to do this you will have to purchase a third-party app which means you will first have to jailbreak the iPhone. This is a legal process that will allow the iPhone user to purchase apps from stores other than the Apple suppliers. There are several sites that can walk you through the jailbreak process. Once it is open you can purchase apps without being limited to Apple.

You will need to install the software for the desktop first. The Wi-Fi Sync site is From the available options, choose the appropriate desktop package. You will need to select either a Window or a Mac package. Then download the software to the desktop.

After your phone is jailbroke there will be an icon to a third party app store that is named Cydia. Once in this app store click on “wi-fi sync.” Pay for the app and then follow the instructions to install this app onto the iPhone. You should then be able to click on the icon and sync the iPhone wirelessly.

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