How to Sync iPhone to Computer

It is important for you to learn how to sync iPhone to computer backed-up iTunes so that you will not lose valuable information if you misplace your iPhone or if your phone crashes. When you connect your phone to sync to iTunes a back-up is automatically created. You can also sync information from iTunes onto your iPhone using this same process.

In order to work the process you must enable your iPhone to ‘talk’ to your computer. You can connect the two devices using the traditional USB cable or you can purchase and download the Wi-Fi application (app). When the two devices are communicating you must select iTunes on your computer if the program did not launch automatically. Under ‘devices’ select your iPhone. You can opt for any or all of the tabs at the top of iTunes. You will see tabs labeled Summary, Music, TV, Movies, Books, Photos, and Info. Choose the sync settings you want. When you are ready to sync press on the button labeled ‘sync’ on the summary page to sync your phone with your computer.

If the process did not work go back through the steps following them precisely. Always make a back-up file of the information on your iPhone and on your computer before beginning this process.

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