How to Sync iPhone Contacts With Outlook

If you want to learn how to sync iPhone contacts with Outlook keep reading this article and follow the steps listed in the paragraphs below. The term sync stands for synchronization and it simply means that you are transferring files from one location to another and both sets of files will match when the process is complete. If you sync your phone contacts to Microsoft Outlook you will have a back-up for your phone contacts so that if you lose your phone or it crashes you will not lose the important information that you have stored.

Microsoft Outlook communicates with iTunes and this is the default management program for both the iPhone and the iPod. You can opt to transfer all or just part of the contact information you have stored in your device. After you have connected your device to the computer you will need to launch iTunes if the program didn’t launch automatically. Look under ‘devices’ in iTunes to identify your device. When you have found it click on it and then click ‘info’. When given the option, choose ‘sync contacts with’ and then opt for ‘Outlook’.

If you want to move all the information select ‘all contacts’. If you want only a portion moved then you must choose the option ‘selected groups’ and check the ones you want to move to Outlook. When you have finished your selection process then click on the apply button. When you are ready to remove your phone from the computer select the ‘eject’ option on the panel on the right. Close the iTunes application and launch Outlook. Click on the ‘contacts’ tab in Outlook to see if the files were properly imported. If the process failed you will need to start over and carefully follow the instructions listed above.

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