How to Sync iPhone Contacts with Gmail

You can enter all your contact information manually or you can follow the information in the article to learn how to sync iPhone contacts with Gmail and complete the process automatically. The iPhone has a calendar application (app), a mail app, and a contacts app that you use to store your information. If you sync your iPhone with Gmail using the internet it will make adding contact information to your iPhone easier.

Go to the settings option on your phone and touch the ‘mail, contacts, calendars’ selection from the menu. Opt for ‘add account’ and choose ‘Microsoft Exchange.’ Although there is a ‘Gmail’ option, do not select that option. When you are prompted to enter your Gmail address do so and include your password. Touch ‘next’ and type ‘’ in the window that comes up. Touch ‘next’ and select ‘on’ for each Gmail service you want to sync. When you have made all your options touch ‘done’ and your changes will be saved.

You should always make sure that you back up not only your iPhone contacts, but also your Gmail contacts before you attempt the sync process. That way if you make an error and over write one of the files you will be able to transfer the data without manually reentering it. Delete the contacts on your iPhone to sync them to your Gmail contacts list.

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