How to Sync iPhone Contacts to Computer

How to sync iPhone contacts to computer contacts is easy by following the steps listed in the following paragraphs. When you store contact information on your iPhone and you lose your iPhone or it crashes you may lose the valuable information if you have not done a sync process to transfer the data to your personal computer. The steps in the paragraph below will help you transfer the contact information to your personal computer so that you will have a back-up of contact information.

Find the USB cable and connect the iPhone to your computer. Launch the iTunes program if it does not launch automatically. From the iTunes window select the option ‘iPhone’. If you have a Windows operating system you will choose ‘sync contact with’. If you have a Mac system you will select ‘sync address book contacts’. After you have made your selection you will be prompted to select all or just some of the contacts on your iPhone. When you have made your selection, then ‘apply’ to sync contacts with your computer.

Before you sign out of the iTunes program be sure that you de-select the option to automatically sync when the iPhone is connected to the computer.

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