How to Sync iPhone Contact to Gmail

How to sync iPhone contact to Gmail is a simple process that you can learn by following the easy instructions listed in the paragraphs written below. If you have Google Gmail you can use the Google sync program for your iPhone without paying for the service. By using the sync program you will be able to keep your contacts in sync. You will have to set it up properly and customize it to your specific needs. You must initially back-up your iPhone contacts to iTunes and opt to initialize the service by selecting the option on your phone settings. Google sync will allow you to have the most recent updates to your contact information at your fingertips where you can use it.

You will need to connect your phone to your computer by the USB cable. Open the iTunes application on the computer. Locate your iPhone on the list and click the tab labeled ‘info’. Find the ‘sync Google contacts’ option and click the box next to it. Next opt for ‘configure’ and enter your Google user name and password when prompted. If you are using a Mac operating system you must click on ‘ok’. If you are using a Windows operating system you will need to click on the box next to ‘sync contact with’. Pick the ‘Google contacts’ option and then click on the ‘configure’ button. You will be prompted to enter your Google ID and Password before you can click ‘ok’.

When you have completed these steps then choose the ‘apply’ option to sync your iPhone contacts to iTunes. Navigate to Gmail using your Web browser. This is found at You will be prompted to enter your user name and password. Sign in and click ‘contacts’ to verify that your iPhone contacts were synced to your account.

Click on the box ‘sync Google contacts’ to deselect the check and disable the sync function in iTunes. This will prevent duplicating your contact information. To save the information click ‘apply’. To configure Google sync you need to go to settings on your phone and touch ‘mail, contacts, calendars’. Select ‘add account’ and select ‘Microsoft exchange’. You will be prompted to enter your Google mail user name and password. Touch ‘next’ and if you see the message ‘unable to verify certificate’ then touch ‘cancel’. If you do not get the error message, touch ‘server’ and type Touch ‘next’.

To sync your Google contacts touch ‘on’ for ‘contacts’ and ‘mail’ and ‘calendar’. Touch the off position if you do not want them included in the sync. If prompted to delete local contacts on the iPhone select ‘delete’. Touch ‘done’ and you will have completed the sync process.

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