How to Sync iPhone Calendar

The iPhone is one of the most popular communication devices in use today due to its wide range of services and applications. Due to a wide variety of activities most users are involved in, it is convenient to have a calendar system that enables accurate synchronization with an external calendar. One of the best ways on how to sync iPhone calendar involves the use of the iPhone calendar together with the Google calendar. Synchronization can also be done through iTunes.

How to sync iPhone calendar involves first making sure there is only one calendar source. This may be done by opening Google Sync in iPhone safari and selecting the Managing Devices option to make sure all calendars to be synchronized are checked. The Save option is then selected. The following process is then followed: Home > settings> Mail> Contacts> Calendars> Accounts> Add accounts > Microsoft Exchange> Email. At this point, the email address used to access the Google calendar is used. Under the Domain option, “”(without the quotations) is tapped. Under Username option, the email address used to access the Google calendar is used while the Google calendar password is used under the Password option. Under the Description option “Google calendar” is tapped. The Next option is selected and “” is entered under the Server option. The Next option is selected again and ON is selected under Calendars. Subsequently the On Mail and On Contacts (latter is done when contacts have been copied to Gmail) options are chosen. The last step involves tapping the Done option.

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