How to Sync Google Calendar with Outlook

If you want to learn how to sync Google calendar with Outlook keep reading the following paragraphs. A program called Google sync will allow you to connect your Google calendar with your Microsoft Outlook calendar. You can download the program for free and it is compatible with most operating systems. It will work on Windows 2003-2007, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Go to and type in download Google sync. When you get to the site click download. After you have completed the download process the program will run automatically. If not, click on the installation to run the setup wizard. You must click on ‘agree’ and ‘next’ and ‘install’ in that order. You will have to type in your Google user name and password to access the information. Make sure that you are in the section that holds the calendar that you want to sync.

You will have several options for sync. I recommend selecting the ‘2-way’ option because it will allow the two calendars to match. You must select how often the sync should occur. The default setting is for every other hour. When you have opted for the sync setting you need, select save, and Google will begin the sync process. The process will occur as frequently as you opted. To manually sync, right click on the icon for Google calendar on your taskbar. Select ‘sync’ for manual synchronization.

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