How to Sync Google Calendar with Outlook 2010

Has how to sync Google calendar with outlook 2010 been what gives you stress, relax for the answer is what you are about to know. In fact it is going to make you laugh at your self after knowing the secret. Start by down loading Google calendar sync programme and having it saved where it can be easily located and used for instance on the desktop icons. Thereafter double click to open the saved file and to start installing as of Google calendar sync-installer.exe twenty ten.

Up to this point how to sync Google calendar with outlook 2010 has been demystified because you will just have to click on OK after having concurred with the given terms of service and click on the option of install and the process materializes where the Google calendar sync tab is opened. Fill in your details like email address and pass word in the necessary spaces provided respectively for each. Afterwards click on the two way, one way for the two choices given there. Follow up by typing the frequency that you need outlook’s calendar to sync with Google’s. Finalize by clicking on save and the two calendars one for Google and Microsoft outlook will automatically be synced.

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