How to Setup Exchange on iPhone

The iPhone has many services and since its introduction to the world of technology, it has improved the living standards of many people. One of the unique services that it delivers is exchanging a setup. This is made possible by observing some various steps on how to setup exchange on iPhone. When you add a new account, the iPhone is able to sync with the services to notify you about new email messages. It allows one to add calendar, address book service and Microsoft exchange mail. Set up exchange helps in storing your data on both your iPhone and your PC automatically. In order to achieve all these, one should follow various steps.

The first step involves tapping the “settings icon” found on your iPhone. In the settings, one should then tap “mail, calendars, contacts” tab. On the loading page, you should select “add account” tab and later tap “Microsoft exchanger” shown in the list provided. The next step is filling in the fields in the Microsoft exchanger with your necessary information including your address, your username and the password of your choice. One should then select the exchange features that you are interested in using. The necessary options are contacts, calendars and mails. Lastly, when selecting mail; you should set the days of synchronizing your email to your iPhone. By accomplishing this, you will have proven the efficiency on how to setup exchange on iPhone.

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