How to Restore an iPod Touch Without iTunes

It is possible to learn how to restore an iPod Touch without iTunes software. However, keep in mind that only the settings on your iPod Touch will be reset. The data you have downloaded will not be erased and you will need to connect the device to your computer if you want to delete all media files. Follow the steps in the paragraphs below to do a full restore that erases all content and returns the unit to factory settings.

When you return the device to the factory settings it means that you rest the iPod to the default options that came with the unit. A factory reset will keep all the files that you have on the device and will not delete them when you reset the unit. When you are troubleshooting this is one of the safest methods to identify a technical issue without losing your media files.

The factory restore will erase all data and return the unit to its original purchase state. The classic iPod will not allow you to do a restore without using software from iTunes. The iPod Touch will allow you to do the restore from the device. For your iPod Classic, go to the settings menus and scroll to the bottom to select the reset all settings option. The player will reboot and the logo for Apple will display on the screen. The process can take several minutes and when it is finished you will still have your media files.

For the iPod Touch you can do the reset and restore options as you wish. If you select factory restore you will lose all the applications (apps) and data you have stored on the unit. To prevent the loss you should back up the data before beginning this process. To perform a factory reset, go to settings and select the option ‘general’. Hit reset and choose the option to reset all settings. If you want to perform a restore then select the option to erase all content and settings. This process will reset or restore your iPod Touch to its original state.

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