How to Restart an iPod

How to restart an iPod is knowledge you will need if you find that your iPod has stopped working appropriately. This is the first step in determining why an application (app) or other feature is not working as it should. If your iPod freezes up this process should allow you to reset the iPod to work correctly. If you force a restart when the screen is frozen keep in mind that you can lose the data that you were working on. If someone calls during the restart your device will send the call to your voice mail messaging.

Find the ‘sleep’ button near the top of the unit to the right. Hold down for several seconds until the ‘slide to power off’ message appears on the screen. Slide to the off position and then hold the sleep button to restart the unit. If there was not a response from your device you will need to do the reset process. Find the ‘sleep’ button and hold until the logo for Apple appears on the screen. The iPod should automatically restart. Go back to the app or function that you were using when you experienced an issue. See if the app works correctly. If not, delete and reinstall the app. You can repeat the restart process if the download does not work properly.

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