How to Restart an iPod Touch

If your device has locked up you will need to know how to restart an iPod Touch. The tried and true method of unlocking a frozen device was to remove the battery. However, the new devices have batteries that are not removable so that option is no longer available. If the unit is not frozen, but just works incorrectly, simply power off the device and power back on. If the unit then works appropriately you have fixed your issue. However, this step may not fix all technical issues and you will need to take other measures.

Find the sleep-wake button on your unit and hold it down until ‘slide to power off’ message appears on the screen. Use your finger to slide to the off position. Again, hold the sleep-wake button down to restart your device. If you get no response from the unit, proceed to the next step. Find the ‘home’ button and hold both the sleep-wake and the home button down at the same time until the logo for Apple appears on the screen. This means the unit has reset. You need to hold the buttons down for at least ten seconds. You should find that your device now works just like it did when you first purchased it.

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