How to Restart an iPod Nano

Suddenly an iPod nano can go off and it is a must that you must reboot it again so that you can be in a position to use it otherwise it is of no use when switched off. The question is how to restart an iPod nano the process is kicked off by turning on the hold switch on and very quickly moreover immediately back to off. The gadget is supposed to be put on a flat surface like a bench, a stool or any other surface that can be available. Still the rebooting is not yet clear how to restart an iPod nano proceed by pressing the menu button and the click on the select button, note better that the select button is not labeled however it is the same button that is used to select songs and play lists.

The buttons are supposed to be held for about eight seconds or until the apple logo is presents at the center of the screen. When the logo is presented the iPod should be up and on course and readily applicable. Continue enjoying your iPod for as long as it pleases you for after doing what is instructed you are a winner.

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