How to Reset Your iPod

You can learn how to reset your iPod if you continue reading and follow the simple instructions listed below. Apple creates their products to be efficient and user friendly.  Each iPod has a reset function built into the device and it is very much like rebooting your home computer. All your songs and other data will remain stored on the device and information that is temporary in nature will be deleted.

On the top of the Click Wheel iPod is a switch that shows an orange rectangle when moved to the on position. When it is in the off position you will see a white rectangle. You want to move the switch to the on position.  Find the two buttons labeled ‘menu’ and ‘center’ and hold both down for up to 10 seconds. Wait until your screen goes dark. The icon for Apple will appear and when it has turned brighter it means that the reset is complete and you have been returned to the main menu. Select a song and see if it plays correctly. If it does not play as it should you will need to go through the reset process again.

If you have the Scroll Wheel iPod or the Touch Wheel you need to move the switch marked ‘hold’ to off. Find the ‘play/pause’ and the ‘menu’ buttons and hold both at the same time for up to eight seconds. This will begin the reset process that is programmed into the iPod. Again, if the reset process was not successful you will need to perform the action again.

If you have the iPod Nano switch it to the off position where you will see a green strip. Keep the unit off for up to five seconds before switching it back to the on position.  Check to make sure your music remains and that it plays correctly. You may need to do the reset process again.

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