How to Reset Your iPod Touch

If your music player doesn’t seem to be working correctly you may need to learn how to reset your iPod Touch to the factory settings. You may experience problems with the display or with an application. Try turning the device off and back on again to see if the problem if fixed. If the problem persists you will need to proceed to the reset process. Make sure the unit is fully charged before you attempt the reset process.

Find and hold the ‘on/off, sleep/wake’ button and the ‘home’ button. The on/off sleep/wake is at the edge of the iPod at the top and the ‘home’ is at the front on the bottom. Hold both down together for up to 10 seconds.  As soon as the logo for Apple shows on the screen, release both buttons. A prompt will appear for you to slide to power off the unit. Do not do so. The screen will go dark and the logo for Apple will fade away. Find the ‘on/off’ button at the top edge of your device and power the unit on. Your iPod should work correctly now. If not, connect your iPod to your computer and go to iTunes. Click on the ‘restore’ and you should have fixed your iPod problems.

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