How to Reset iPhone Password

By reading this article you will learn how to reset iPhone password without having to take your phone into the dealer or to an electronics store. One of the features of the iPhone is the password that is a four digit code that must be entered on the phone to use it and the features on the phone. This will protect your phone from unauthorized users and if your phone is stolen no one will be able to use it. However, if you forget your pass code you will need to know how to reset it.

You will have to restore the phone to its original settings in order to reset the pass code on the phone. You need to connect your phone to the personal computer via the USB cable. Power off your phone and wait for the slider to appear. Move the slider as directed by the screen prompt. Turn the phone back on by holding both the power button and the home button. When you have successfully done this a yellow sign will indicate to you that you are in restore mode.

Stare iTunes on your PC. Click the summary tab and find the button labeled ‘restore’. This will return the phone to the original settings that were on the phone when it arrived from the factory. You will need to set another pass code on your phone. Go to ‘settings’ and click on ‘general settings’. Chose the option ‘passcode lock’. You will need to enter four digits that you must remember in order to unlock your phone in the future. You will have to enter the code twice. You will have to select how often the phone will ask for a pass code. It is a good idea to consistently back up your phone by using the iTunes program so that if you must restore, you will only lose the most recent data on the phone.

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