How to Reset iPhone 3GS to Factory Settings

How to Reset iPhone 3GS to Factory Settings is easy if you follow the suggestions that are listed in the paragraphs below. You will need to go through this process if you decide to sell your phone and want to erase the data you have stored onto the phone. Apple has made a way for you to do this process yourself. You will want a back-up of the information that you have on your phone. In order to make a back-up you will need to go online to iTunes and perform the back-up procedure.

Look for the icon labeled ‘settings’ on the screen of your phone. There will be gears on the icon. This is the one you will touch. When you see the line marked ‘general’ with the same gear icon, touch it. Scroll down to a line that says ‘reset’ and touch the ‘reset’ button. Look over the options that appear on the screen. You can opt to reset the settings, the keyboard dictionary, the home screen, the location warning and the network settings. If you want to erase all the data opt for the line that says ‘erase all content and settings.’ A box will appear on the screen with a red button to touch that is labeled ‘erase iPhone’. When you touch the red button your data will be erased.

After the data is erased you may want to go one step further and connect your phone to the computer to do a restore to factory settings. After you have tethered the phone to the computer through the USB cable, find the phone listed under ‘devices’ in iTunes. Select ‘restore’ from the main summary window. All data will be erased and your phone will revert to the settings it came from the factory with.

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