How to Make iPhone Ringtones with iTunes

One may have a collection of music in their iPhone library and wish to have any of them as a ring tone without paying for the service. One can learn how to make iPhone ringtones with iTunes without a fee and still be able to customize the song to their own specifications. One should launch the iTunes and look for the song they want to make a ring tone. Carefully listen to the song and find the part one would want to use as a ring tone. Write down the start and the stop time of the chosen clip. Right click on the song and select the get info tab followed by options tab.

Type in the start and end time in the boxes next to start time and end time making sure the ring tone is not more than forty seconds long. Right click on the song again and select convert selection to AAC, which will create a duplicate version of the song. Right click on the ring tone and select delete followed by a click on the keep files button. Find the file that is usually in the user folder under the bands name and has an extension of m4a. Replace the m4a with m4r. You can rename the file and click use m4r or the personal computer equivalent when the system warns of effect incase of use of the file. On double clicking on the ring tone file, iTunes will automatically add the folder to the iTunes music. On learning how to make iPhone ringtones with iTunes one can them customize the devices ringtones according to their liking.

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