How to Make iPhone Ringtones on Windows

The iPhone is one of the most popular phones in the market. It is possible to customize the ringtones of each contact in the phone to reflect the person’s behavior. After its introduction in the market, users began to look for ways to make ringtones using windows. When one wants to know how to make iPhone ringtones, they require Myxer, famous music uploading site. All one require is a USB cable to connect the iphone to the computer and music saved 3in the computer hard drive. To begin with, one opens the Myxer homepage and clicks on the ringtones tab on the page.

Open and select the song in the website and upload it. Select the starting and ending time of the selected clip to be used as ring tone. The selected clip should not be more than thirty nine seconds. After selecting the clip, click on continue and select on iPhone to indicate that one is using the iPhone and click on finish button. Save the clip on a folder. Drag the clip folder to the ringtones tab on iTunes and connect the iPhone to the personal computer by use of the USB cable that came with the device. Sync the iPhone with the computer and allow time for changes to be effected. When complete eject and disconnect the device. The music clip will be ready for use as ring tone.

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