How to Make iPhone Apps on Windows Vista

Making iPhone apps is usually impossible when using the windows since the iPod is usually run on different and incompatible software from that of Vista. To be able to know how to make iphone apps on windows vista one require to have with them DragonFire software development kit. The program usually converts visual C/C/C++ programming language to Apple language. One begins by downloading the latest version of iTunes into a personal computer. The iPhone should then be jailbroken by downloading Blackrain software in to the personal computer, the computer prompts when download is complete.

Reboot the personal computer and connect the iPhone the computer using the USB cable provided. Launch the black rain software and click on make it rain option to strip and reinstall the device and enable window vista to be used in it. When complete the iPhone automatically reboots. Download and install Microsoft visual C++ into the personal computer and install it. Install the DragonFire software development kit on the personal computer. Reboot the personal computer and launch the DragonFire software development kit that was previously installed into the personal computer. Follow the instructions offered by the software and develop the required app for the iphone. On learning how to make iPhone apps on windows vista, one can then make apps freely with their personal computer without the Apple Company restrictions.

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