How to Jailbreak your iPhone 3gs Untethered with Redsnow

iPhone 3g is a special phone combining features of a normal cell phone and those of an iPod all in one package. Despite the many unique features the iPhone posses, some users find it limiting to access some applications. Therefore, they look for the option to jailbreak and unblock to access the many third party applications and features that were previously unavailable. One requires knowing how to unlock iPhone 3g with redsnow for an effective and easy jailbreak.

First, one requires downloading the latest version of iTunes and Redsnow into their personal computer. Redsnow is extracted on the desktop, then followed by launching the application in administrator mode by right clicking ‘EXE’ icon, and allow it to run as administrator. The next thing that one should do is to launch a task manager by right clicking on the windows task bar or by pressing the Control, Alt and delete keys simultaneously and selecting the task manager from the menu that appears. The process tab is clicked followed by a right click of redsnow.exe tab. One presses on the next button after Redsnow has verified IPSW file for installation of Cydia application store. Turn off the iPhone and plug it into the computer using a USB cable. One can put the device into Device Firmware Upgrade mode when prompted to do so by redsnow before clicking on the next button. Redsnow should be given enough time to finish the unlocking process. When the iPhone reboots, it will have been jail broken and can accept apps previously unaccepted. Learning how to unlock iPhone 3g with Redsnow enables one to access applications that were initially imposed by manufacturers.

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