How to Jailbreak iPhone 4 Using Redsnow

How to jail break iPhone 4 using redsnow has been one of the most stressful things to lay men or to those who are new to iPhones. However those who are used to them do not experience much inconveniences as they already have the know how and they are ready to go at all times. Do not also be flabbergasted for lack of knowledge for your time has come. The question How to Jailbreak iPhone 4 Using Redsnow  starts when the most recent version of red snow and iTunes is down loaded as likewise to iOS four point three point one IPSW firmware file. On the desk top choose redsn0w and start running it as an application in the administrator mode by selecting on EXE icon and choose to run it as administrator. Thereafter select the task manager from the computer and open the processes tab and click on the redsn0w dot exe whereby you will choose affinity and CPU one afterwards. Having done all these the process is half way done but continue by browsing redsn0w  and navigate to the iSO four point three point one IPSW file downloaded  right at the beginning and open it being followed by the next once the browse window closes.

The next step is to verify the IPSW file using redsn0w by clicking next thus installing the Cydia application store. Before choosing to connect the gadget to a computer it is good to have it switched off to prevent any serious damage that can occur for instance electric shock. Then connect the device to a computer using a USB cable through the ports in both the computer and the gadget and put it in a device firm ware upgrade mode as demanded by redsn0w. You shall have to allow redsn0w to windup with the process and thereafter your iPhone will reboot once it resumes online and it will have been jail broken. Launch iTunes and have the computer connected to the gadget, continue by pressing the home key sleep wake button simultaneously for sometime and then release not unless a dialogue box with some notification has been presented you do not release it because this is as a result of iPhone’s recovery mode being detected by iTunes.


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