How to Install Ink Cartridge on Hp Printer

An ink cartridge is a necessity in a HP printer. A printer is not complete without the ink cartridge this is because the ink cartridge is the one used for coloring during printing. Knowing how to install ink cartridge on hp printer is not a professional subject. One can do it as long as you follow some simple and consistent steps and instructions. The first step is draining all the ink in your Hp printer, making sure that the printer has no ink when in the process of installing an ink cartridge. The second step is opening the printer door to expose the inner parts of the printer. This should be done starting from the top down to the tray. One should then press the cartridge button that is located near the power button.

The next step is pulling the green top of the old cartridge and removing it. This should be done with a lot of care to prevent any form of damages. The old ink cartridge can be recycled by refilling it with ink. The other option is installing a new ink cartridge that is the most efficient. If you opt to install a new one you should place the new ink cartridge on the same place you removed the old one. After placing it, one should hold the green top until the cartridge snaps itself. You should finally close the printer door and you will have accomplished knowing how to install ink cartridge on hp printer.

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