How to Install Cydia on iPad 2

Cydia is an application that allows users to browse and use apps useable on jailbroken devices. For one to be able to enjoy the free downloads in iPad 2 they need to know how to install cydia on iPad 2. The applications provided on Cydia are mostly free and some offered at a cost by Cydia Stores. One should begin by jail breaking the iPad 2 using any jailbreak tools. Some of the tools come with Cydia attachments on them. Choose the one with Cydia download attachment. Click on cydia on the jailbreak tool to ensure that the tool comes with Cydia.

Connect the iPad 2 to the internet and open the tool application to install Cydia. After jailbreak is complete, look for a blank application and tap on it. Tap Cydia when the application is opened and allow it to install. When Cydia is installed, its icon appears on home screen. Open the Cydia application and allow it to initialize the file system. After completion, Cydia closes and one should re-open it. Select the most appropriate user category and allow Cydia to update by downloading packages. When complete click on confirm upgrade to finalize the process. Close Cydia after the download is complete and ready to browse and install new apps in the iPad 2 and one will have known how to install cydia on iPad 2.

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