How to Get Wi-Fi on iPod Touch Anywhere

The iPod touch has an inbuilt Wi-Fi that enables one to connect to secured and unsecured Wi-Fi connection. One should learn how to get Wi-Fi on iPod touch anywhere to be to send instant messages, check on emails, surfing through the web and any other tasks requiring internet connection. Press on the round button at the bottom of the iPod touch screen and using the finger slide the unlock option of the iPod touch. Tap the settings followed by Wi-Fi option. This indicates a list of the available networks. The signals on the right of the network’s name indicate the strength of each network using bars.

A lock on the network indicates that the network is secured and one will require entering a password to access it. Click on the network of choice. Enter the password if accessing a secure network. After sometimes, the iPod touch connects to the Wi-Fi network and a check mark appears on the left of the network’s name. Press the round button on the iPod to get back to the home screen after getting to know how to get Wi-Fi on iPod touch anywhere.


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