How to Get Songs off iPod Onto iTunes

There are a variety of things that a person can do using their iPod. One can not only download and listen to music but can also download image and video files. One of the most pertinent questions is how to get songs off iPod onto iTunes. Individuals who own an iPod have always grappled with this question. The procedure for doing this is pretty simple and the first thing that a person needs to do is create a new folder on the desktop where songs copied from iPod can be saved. The next step is to connect your iPod to a computer via the USB cable. The iTunes software is bound to automatically open once it detects your iPod.

The third step is to basically make your hidden files visible. This can be achieved by clicking on the start button>control panel>appearance and personalization>folder options>click view tab>show hidden files and then click ok.  Now that the computer has been set to show all hidden files, the next thing is to access your iPod control folder. The next course of action is to locate the music and click on copy from the drop down menu. On accomplishing this, the last step is to go on the new folder you had created on your desk top and paste all the songs copied.  This will signify the successful moving of songs off an iPod and into iTunes.

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