How to get songs off iPod onto computer

It is very important to know how to get songs off iPod onto computer so that you can save them and enjoy them. First you will need to connect the iPod and the computer with a US cord. Make sure it is not synching with the computer, then hold down the shift and control keys on the keyboard at the same time. iTunes will open when you do this. The computer should indicate that it recognizes the iPod and display an icon for it under the devices tab in the iTunes menu.

Now push control and shift together again. iTunes will offer an option for creating a new music library. Make the new playlist and then move all the songs from the iPod to the folder. When you have done thi,s click on the icon for the iPod one time. Then under the tools tab click on folder options and then click on view. Now go to the “show hidden files and folders” option, highlight it and click. In the folder you will see the title “iPod control.” Highlight all of the folder contents and copy them to a folder on your desktop. Then these files can all be moved from the desktop to the iTunes library.

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