How to get iPod Touch our of recovery mode

Many times just after performing an update the iPod Touch may go into recovery mode. This will lock it up so that you cannot use it at all. It is beneficial if you know how to get iPod Touch our of recovery mode.  You can perform this task manually but you will also have to do some troubleshooting to ensure that there is no conflict between the iPod and iTunes.

Make sure that your version of iTunes is the latest and includes all of the most recent updates. When iTunes is running, click on the “help” button and then click on the tab for “check for updates.” It will update the iTunes software so that it will be the latest version available.

Take all of the USB devices off the computer except for the keyboard and mouse. Then you can attach the iPod to the computer with the USB cable. While the iPod is attached, reboot the computer. Once the computer is rebooted you will need to launch iTunes manually. Then you will be able to select the option to restore the iPod Touch. After the iPod has been restored completely it will not be in recovery mode any longer.

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