How to Format iPhone 3gs Completely

The need to format completely an iPhone is usually informed by a variety of factors. An iPhone 3g for instance is a sophisticated high end phone that continues to gain immense popularity across the globe. However, in spite of its unique features, individuals who own it are bound to experience problems every once in a while. This is informed by the fact that it might become unstable or simply freeze. How to format iPhone 3gs completely is the question that most individuals grapple with especially when they want to sell their gadgets to someone else or simply want to restore its factory settings. The process is simple and can be done by anyone so long as they follow the instructions.

The first step is to click on the settings icon>select general>scroll to bottom and select reset>select erase all content and settings.  This is all that needs to be done in order to format your iPhone 3g completely. It’s imperative to note that formatting your iPhone 3g will make you lose all your data and settings. What this essentially means is that a person cannot be able to access their applications, music or movies that were in the iPhone before the formatting.

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