How to find a lost iPod touch

It is very important to know how to find a lost iPod touch whether it was stolen or just misplaced. If it does not have a tracking software program installed it can be very difficult to find where it is. But there are some ways to find the iPod touch.

First check your entire house and car to make sure that you didn’t leave it somewhere close by. You may also go back to any stores or locations that you visited recently to see if someone turned it in to lost and found.

You can also check online bulletin boards, craigslist or eBay to see if you can find it there. Online bulletin boards are created for helping people find stolen items. You just enter the serial number from your device. You can then enter it in a Google search and find out if it has indeed been stolen.

There are some websites that can track locations. For instance if you frequently access facebook or Gmail form the device the IP address logs in with that website. This IP address can be linked to a geographic region. This helps you narrow down your search to certain locations. This makes it easier to find it when it is missing.

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  1. Christina Hunt

    ➡ If you lost your iPod touch then you should not think about it. Just try to remember where you have leave it last or where you have gone. If you don’t find it, you should complain to police. You try something advance


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