How to Export iPhone Contacts to Gmail

The issue on how to export iPhone contacts to Gmail may be addressed in various ways depending on the preferences of the users. One of the easiest ways involves the use of iTunes application. In this case, after connecting an iPhone via a USB cable to a computer and accessing the iTunes application, the Info tab and subsequently the Google Contacts options are selected. The user may then access their existing Gmail account by entering their Gmail username and password and the iPhone contact selected will be sent to the Gmail account. Another way of exporting contacts to Gmail, involves synchronizing the user’s Gmail account to their iPhone and thereby enabling the user to perform any Gmail functions from their iPhone.

Another method on how to export iPhone contacts to Gmail involves the use of CSV files. This is one of the simplest methods of exporting contacts to Gmail. This is done by synchronizing the contacts in windows to the ones found in the iPhone and then exporting these contacts to a CSV file. The CSV file is then imported to Gmail. This done by selecting the Contact option found on the left-hand side of the screen when the Gmail account is open.


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