How to Download Music to iPod without iTunes

The iPod is designed to be used with iTunes. However, it may not be the preferred method for everyone. Sometimes it is necessary to learn how to download music to iPod without iTunes. There are some other alternatives that may work just as well or better for your specific needs.

You will of course, have to choose a different program to manage your money. YamiPod, EphPod and Floola are just some examples that will allow users to manage, organize and transfer your music from the computer to your iPod without having to use iTunes to do so. Download the program that you choose and make sure to get the most recent version of the program.

After you have downloaded the program you want to use you will need to import all your music to the program. Each program has different ways to import music but most of them will have an “import” option located under the Tools tab or the File menu.

Once you have your music where you want it, connect the iPod to the computer using either a USB cable or a FireWire connection. The program should recognize the device as soon as it is plugged in. Copy the music from the program’s library to the iPod. Usually this is completed by clicking and dragging the songs to the  iPod.

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